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5th June 2003

Well, I seem to have achieved so much of what I set out to do with this site. I finally decided though that I wanted a clean white website with lines, rather than a black website with no lines. It's a big change from all the stuff I'd ever done, but I've found a look which works well. I'm currently implementing it throughout my whole site. I'm also changing the way I do the site so it should be a lot easier for me to change in the future.

16th January 2003

Well, it's a brand new year. I've got a bit of time off project at work so it's time to learn some new stuff. Thinking of going xhtml on this website and also increasing the content somewhat. I've put up a link (finally) to my restaurant database aswell. I should probably make it look like the rest of the site but i'm not too bothered about that right now. Hopefully we'll see a nice few reviews and a decent image section. We can dream...

15th May 2002

I've just got around to adding some content to the site. I'll probably begin with the reviews section, if only because I can write it with little or no prior research right now. I may also add some images and stuff if I think about it. Expect more pages, less broken links and some opinions up here now.

April 2002

This site was created in April 2002. There is no big plan for this site. I initially put up a front page and a copyright thing and that was about it. One of the reasons I created it was just to play with a website layout. Mainly though, I wanted a new home on the web. Somewhere I could use for several years to come. Wuki.net fits the bill. It doesn't mean anything which means I can put whatever I want up here and nobody can complain. I hope it becomes a useful site and does eventually mean something to someone other than me. We shall see.

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