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Below you will find pictures of the people i know. As i continue to expand this website expect more pictures to be put in this section. By the end of it i want a good number of pics of my friends from university up here. Hopefully i'll get there.


No explanation of me necessary here, just look and laugh

Me with pink hair


My wonderful girlfriend. We've been dating since december 2000 and we're pretty damn happy. I'd certainly walk through fire for her and other ridiculous things which would hurt lots. Lets just hope she never gets that bored. Nobody understands me quite like she does.

Pics here soon


Though he remains uncredited, he's one of the people who got me through university. Not sure if i'd have enjoyed the experience without Mike along for the ride. We met on the same course and had the same tutor and often the same area to work during lab. We got to know each other and it's a strange co-incidence that we were thrown together but became such good friends. He did a placement and then got his Physics MPhys at Bath. He's currently off to Durham to do another Masters. Some people.

Pics here at some point

Ian (Hixie)

Ian is often a very close and distant friend. Both in miles and how much we speak. We go for a few weeks without talking occasionally and then can spend a few days where I never seem to do much else. He also did Physics with me and a placement at Netscape in America. As far as I go, he's pretty much the internet personified :) If I asked him what his name was he'd probably tell me to look it up on google before telling me, and if I refused he'd send me a link. Much like me of 2 years ago, he's serially unlucky with women. Still, one day he'll dress like brad pitt and it'll all change. Oh, and how could I forget. He adores cats. Find him at hixie.ch

Pics here at some point


Mel's a close friend from university and we've recently been talking a lot again. Something I've wanted to do. I've had more conversations with her at 4am than i've had with a lot of other people i know during regular hours. She's just started at Law school having finished at Bath Uni. Much like the rest of us, she's not entirely sure what she wants to do but it'll probably come to her at somepoint, most likely when tequila is around. I just hope she writes it all down before the morning after. Still, it could be a while before that happens. Like me, she doesn't drink too often.

Pizza Hut, Bath, Feb 02


I knew Tom from the scifi society at Bath Uni from my first year. He did a Biology Degree and we properly got to know each other during my final year when we ran the society together. I lived with him (and Mike) the year after as I started work and Mike did his final year. It was a great year and they were kickass people to live with. Lots of anime got watched and I witnessed many things get cooked in a microwave and eaten which I probably wouldn't have thought safe to put in a bin. (That stuff was all Tom, I learned to cook properly with the aid of Mike) Tom now lives in Chippenham and works for Wessex Water. He is heavily (understatement) involved with anime and specifically the Wessex Anime Club. Just don't get him angry, you wouldn't like him when he's angry ;)

Pics here at some point

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