Home Address: 1 Warwick Road, Bath, BANES, BA1 3EB
Telephone: (01225) 337723
Mobile Phone: 07974 154781
E-mail: phil@wuki.net
Website: http://www.wuki.net
Marital Status: Single
Date of Birth: 13th July 1980
Nationality: British
Place of Birth: Solihull, UK


Bath University, BSc Physics with Computing - September 1998 to June 2001
St Peter's Catholic School & Sixth Form, Solihull - September 1991 to June 1998


BSc Physics with Computing, 2:1

Mathematics B
Geography B
I.T. (AS Level) B
Physics C

Mathematics A
Information Systems A
Geography A
Science B, B
English B
English Literature B
French B
Religious Education B


Company: IPL, Information Processing Ltd
Position: Software Engineer
Dates: July 2001 to present

I joined IPL as a graduate from university and have progressed well. I began as a programmer, working mainly with C in the telecommunications field. Since then I have worked on a variety of projects based in C and Java. More recently I have moved up to low/mid level design and mid level testing. I have gained considerable experience as a programmer and a designer and had much experience with the in-house testing tool CANTATA. I have also gained much knowledge of time-management and having small groups of people working for me.

Company: Department of Physics, University of Bath
Position: Web Developer
Dates: Summer 2000

Responsible for implementing online testing for first year students coming to the department. Ranging from creating a database of questions for physics units to making tests available on the web. Most of the work used “Questionmark!” software and towards the end of my time I was required to give several demonstrations of the software to groups of staff based around what we used the software for and how to use the software.

Company: Channel 4
Position: Consultant
Dates: Summer 1999

Responsible for viewing the channel 4 suppliers database and then recommending a plan to overhaul it. After this was approved, I then spent several weeks doing the overhaul and updating all their information about the 8000+ suppliers which they currently use for television production.


At university I was involved heavily with societies. Previously the deputy chair of the Sci-fi and Fantasy Society where my responsibilities included running weekly film screenings and many other social events. I was also webmaster, a position involving designing and maintaining the club website and many other tasks. I joined as the club was starting up, and it since became one of the best in Bath, winning the Union’s “Best New Society” Award at the end of my first year, and “Best Website” after it's second.

My other interests lie in modern films. In my first year at Bath I was a general committee member for the Film Society. During my time we won Best Society award at the university and the prestigious Best Student Film Society in the country.

Due to my heavy involvement in such societies, I became a Societies Executive in the Students Union. I was generally in-charge of all societies with respect to their graphics/I.T. needs. The post demanded much responsibility but I found it to be very fulfilling. I was also a Student Representative Council Member. This means that I directly had influence in union meetings and had to come before the students union to represent the societies and their needs.

I am largely interested in music and have been playing the electric guitar for a number of years. I regularly attend social activities and play darts, pool and snooker. At IPL I have been in the pool league for most of my time with the company and doing rather well. I also enjoy watching and learning about ‘anime’ the Japanese form of animation. Japanese culture has always fascinated me and I look forward to taking time to visit Japan much in the future.

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