Pasta with Rocket Pesto

This isn't really a anything complicated, but it's become one of my favourite lunches. I might as well put it up here and hope somebody else tries it. It's just too easy. Rocket pesto is absolutely fantastic but this works equally well with normal classic green pesto.

To serve 1 you require:
100g of whatever pasta you feel like
1-2 tbsp Rocket Pesto
Grated parmesan to serve

Herbs/Spices - A little freshly ground Black Pepper.

Cook the pasta in plenty of water with some salt. When it's done, drain (not too thoroughly) and serve into a bowl. Add the fresh black pepper and a little parmesan, mix in the pesto so it's evenly coated and then add more parmesan to complete. This is excellent with a little ciabatta and good balsamic vinegar/olive oil on the side.

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