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Ok, the short end of it is that i'm Philip Waring, born 13/07/1980. Everyone generally calls me Phil or "Cosmo" (my online alias since I can remember). I live in Bath, England at present and work for IPL Information Processing Ltd, a local software house. I've been interested in web design since before going to university and i've always tried to improve the way I do sites as I go along.

I generally love the things you'll see around this site. Movies, games, music and cooking. I also love eating at restaurants...that's why you'll find a review/info section for each of those topics. For more information on me in general you look at my cv.

You'll note that I did a physics degree here in Bath which is where I met all my current non-work related friends. You can see some info on them in the images section. Oh, the name "Wuki" doesn't come from anywhere either. I like short domain names which have a ring to them and it has a cool Japanese sound. Everyone still types wookie.net though like they haven't even seen star wars.

My weblog is increasingly important to me. It's become the main focus of this site and my web presence. I've got to thank Ian for kicking me into doing it and providing the excellent software that I use. I keep intending to write my own blog software, but it hasn't happened yet. I don't really need to.

Blogger code: B4 d++ t+ k s- u-- f- i o++ x e+ l- c--.

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G e++ h- r++ y*

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